Well, if you had any of our cider from this year you will have, because as mentioned in the previous post, it went into every single bottle of cider we made this year, plus all the loose Craft we have sold.  The only thing you may have drunk that didn’t contain a trace of it is either the Trendlewood that we have now sold out of, or the Ravin’ special we did for the Rugby Club Beer and Cider Festival this year.

But! We have designated one single bottle of Ethical Director as the bottle containing Apple 5135-286.  That one bottle has a special label on it, with a QR code on the back of it that will only be visible when it’s empty, so it’s anybody’s guess which one it is.  I only know that it’s still in the stockpile.

If you find you have that bottle, do not recycle it.  Scan the QR code on it and let us know you have it, and we’ll swap it for a full case of Ethical Director.  That’s right, another 12 bottles.  But don’t lose the bottle as we’ll need to take it from you when we give you the case.

ethical bottles

Did you drink Apple 5132-286?  Do you have the bottle with the special label on it?  If so, fill in the form below.  Keep the bottle and we will swap it for a complete case of Ethical Director.

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