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2015 Underway

As of this week 2015 production is underway. We’ve pressed apples from The Francis Estate, and some from Mott’s

We pressed about 9 truggs of apples and have 85 ltrs of apple juice sitting waiting to be fermented. SG 1.050 so heading for 6.5% ABV


We’ve compressed the 3 hours of pressing into a 4 minute video

Pressing Time

Pressing apples is not so straight forward as pressing, say, grapes. You get grapes, squash them in a press and juice comes out. Apples have attitude. You take a kilo of apples, shove them in the press and squash them, you’ll get a kilo of bruised and battered apples but little juice.
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Steve’s Apples

Had a call from Steve. He has trees that are laden with apples and they just fall. Time to go and rescue them.


Mike, being a target for falling (and thrown) apples

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Been Harvesting

Spent our first afternoon harvesting apples from a garden in Nailsea. Took 3 truggs from Annie’s garden


Mostly desert apples with a few culinary. Will be pressed shortly

Ring of Bells Cider Festival



Ring of Bells Cider Festival

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A beautiful sunny afternoon at the orchard. The blossom has mostly gone now and apples are beginning to grow.


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Picked 6 trugs of apples at the orchard. Evil wasps came and stung us several times. Mike said they weren’t his wasps cos his wasps are bees. ¬†Even so, we ended up with plenty of apples.


Apples ready for pressing

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