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2019 Premises Update

At the start of the season we stepped back and looked at our work space/storage space and found that we weren’t using the space very well.  There’s a lot of space not used, as our shelving doesn’t go anywhere near the top.


We updated the shelving with some of a much heavier duty and we now have a large mezzanine floor where we can store large things (including the old shelving right now) such as empty barrels or the presses in the off season.  We’ve also added stock shelves, so we’re much better organised than before.


New Premises for 2017

We’ve been looking for a new home for a while now, but needed to find just the right location.  We’ve struck lucky here with a rural location just outside the  town where our cider will mature in the proper location.  We have evenings planned down here testing and putting the world to rights.

2016’s Harvest, racked and almost ready for blending

We’ve already moved the cider in, and racked it.  We’ve also moved our new IBC in for blending (1000 ltrs at a time) and Mrs Miggins, the apple mill.  We still have Burt and Ernie (the presses) to moved just a little work to finish – work surfaces, sink etc.

This place will let us press and ferment, rack and blend all in one location.  Bottling will be done this year by Bradley’s out at Hewish.

Apple Day 2015



Nailsea Transition Town and Nailsea Cider once again teamed up together to bring Nailsea Apple Day 2015 to the good folk of Nailsea.  Between 1pm and 4pm (well, 5pm really) we pressed apples from all comers, and also some that had been collected by the Transition Group.  People brought along their own apples, we pressed them, and they took away the juice (or some of it).  There was also Coffee and Apple Cakes available and some Live music provided by Dave Francis.

We had made cider from last year’s pressing which was available to buy by the glass, and could also be bought in 3l Bag in Boxes just along the road at our friends at the Ring o’ Bells.

Apple Day Cider

We’re very excited that several varieties of old cider apples were picked up from Charlton Farm, where the Childrens’ Hospice are. 

A good day, and all in all we pressed over 200ltrs of juice.

More Apples, More Pressing, More Apples

We’ve been busy. We’ve had Annie’s Apples and combined them with a load from the Orchard, and those have been pressed


There’s another 8 truggs from Sweet Briar ready to go too




2015 Underway

As of this week 2015 production is underway. We’ve pressed apples from The Francis Estate, and some from Mott’s

We pressed about 9 truggs of apples and have 85 ltrs of apple juice sitting waiting to be fermented. SG 1.050 so heading for 6.5% ABV


We’ve compressed the 3 hours of pressing into a 4 minute video

Pressing Time

Pressing apples is not so straight forward as pressing, say, grapes. You get grapes, squash them in a press and juice comes out. Apples have attitude. You take a kilo of apples, shove them in the press and squash them, you’ll get a kilo of bruised and battered apples but little juice.
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Steve’s Apples

Had a call from Steve. He has trees that are laden with apples and they just fall. Time to go and rescue them.


Mike, being a target for falling (and thrown) apples

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Been Harvesting

Spent our first afternoon harvesting apples from a garden in Nailsea. Took 3 truggs from Annie’s garden


Mostly desert apples with a few culinary. Will be pressed shortly

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