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First Harvests of 2016

So the summer seems to have flown by this year and Autumn has come sooner than we expected. Picked our first apples in August, and the second right at the start of September. 

Mike and Phil were out at Sweet Briars for the earlies, and then on to Annie’s. Not a bad start to the season. 

We pressed these into about 85 ltrs of apple juice. Then, on Sunday we went to Myrtle Cottage and relieved the garden of 17 truggs worth. Those will be pressed on Tuesday and should produce 180 ltrs or so. 

A good start to the season. 

More Apples, More Pressing, More Apples

We’ve been busy. We’ve had Annie’s Apples and combined them with a load from the Orchard, and those have been pressed


There’s another 8 truggs from Sweet Briar ready to go too




2015 Underway

As of this week 2015 production is underway. We’ve pressed apples from The Francis Estate, and some from Mott’s

We pressed about 9 truggs of apples and have 85 ltrs of apple juice sitting waiting to be fermented. SG 1.050 so heading for 6.5% ABV


We’ve compressed the 3 hours of pressing into a 4 minute video

Steve’s Apples

Had a call from Steve. He has trees that are laden with apples and they just fall. Time to go and rescue them.


Mike, being a target for falling (and thrown) apples

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Been Harvesting

Spent our first afternoon harvesting apples from a garden in Nailsea. Took 3 truggs from Annie’s garden


Mostly desert apples with a few culinary. Will be pressed shortly


A beautiful sunny afternoon at the orchard. The blossom has mostly gone now and apples are beginning to grow.


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Picked 6 trugs of apples at the orchard. Evil wasps came and stung us several times. Mike said they weren’t his wasps cos his wasps are bees. ¬†Even so, we ended up with plenty of apples.


Apples ready for pressing

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